The main goal of CentEDI extension is to provide a simple way to create & fill products with correct, filterable and complete details.

Let’s imagine you have a large store with tens of categories and thousands of products. With CentEDI extension you can import the products data almost for free in no time, it saves you time and resources. The process is easy and fast, import a list of products codes from a file or search a product by model, code or any part of product description. The extension will create the desired product in a second, all you need is to define the price and publish the product.

The catalog is free for now and provides full & valid information for the selected products which supplied by manufacturer or was taken from the manufacturer’s data. We will increase the number of categories and products on demand. The stability and usability will be improved based on our customers feedback.

Stay tuned to receive the latest news and help to improve the extension!

Watch the extension in action: